Lazzarotto Roberto

Lazzarotto Roberto

You do not have to invent in order to progress, but you must progress in order to invent


A design can be protected by means of a registered design. A registered design is a property right that protects the aesthetic appearance of an article, and has relevance in cases where a product may lack a technical aspect, but nevertheless incorporates new features which are appealing to the eye.

Design protection is also of particular relevance in circumstances where patent protection is not available or may not provide adequate protection.

In case of several designs it is possible to file a multiple application. There is no upper limit: you can file as many designs as he wishes in one multiple application. The only condition being that the products to which the design is applied belong to the same Locarno class, i.e. that they pertain to the same type of goods.

A registered design can last up to 25 years providing you pay your renewal fees every five years.

We handle the filing and prosecution of design applications in Italy, European Union design applications (a single application throughout the European Union), International design applications and applications in other countries worldwide.