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Lazzarotto Roberto

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Domain names

Domain name registration often forms an important adjunct to the registration and use of trademarks. If you are adopting a new trademark, you will want to consider whether to registrate the corresponding domain name and also to create a website.

Registration of domain names therefore often goes hand in hand with the registration of trademarks and is crucial for creating or raising the business in Internet, so that customers can find the supplier they need.

Moreover, attention should be paid on the cybersquatting, also known as domain name piracy, defined as registering a domain name which is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark, when the person registering or using the domain name does so with bad faith and intent to profit from the trademark’s owner. In view of the ever-present cybersquatting threat, it is therefore all the more important to register the domain names corresponding to your own trademarks.

We are experienced in relation to:

1. conduct searches of existing registered domain names,

2. advise you on the selection and registration of domain names, and also the clearance of domain names as part of trademark searches.

We have close relations with a number of domain name agents and can arrange for the registration of the selected domain names on your behalf.